New version of the “Working on the CERN site” document

CERN engages numerous contractors to carry out work on the CERN site. These outside companies must acquaint themselves with CERN’s complex and specific statutory context, which governs various aspects of their work from the bid until the end of the work on site and at every stage of the execution of the contract in between. A new version of the document that outlines the rules and conditions is now available.


In order to help contractors and the technical managers of contracts at CERN, a general document entitled “Working on the CERN site” (“Prestations sur le site du CERN” in French) was produced in the early 2010s. The goal was to make bidders and contractors aware of all the rules to which they are subject. A new version of this document is now at*.pdf

The revision of the document essentially involved updating and clarifying many of its provisions, in particular those relating to safety, while keeping it concise and efficient. The new version also references more CERN rules and policies. It also notably contains new information about providing the authorities with data and about the role of the radiation protection expert. 

Since this document brings together the statutory provisions applicable on the CERN site, it is subject to change over time. Contractors and technical managers of contracts at CERN must therefore consult it regularly and apply the most recent version (see link above).

by ProLiQS (Procurement Lifecycle Quality Subcommittee)