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The Globe is back!

The Globe of Science and Innovation reopened its doors to the public on Tuesday, 19 April 2016, after almost a year of extensive renovations.  >>

LHC Report: machine commissioning - drawing to a close

The recommissioning of the LHC is going well: the machine has delivered first pilot Stable Beams collisions.   >>

Preparing for the future

The second annual meeting of the Future Circular Collider (FCC) design study took place from 11 to 15 April in Rome. >>

Computer Security: what is your identity?

In the physical world this is fairly clear; your sense of self is multi-faceted and highly complex but the entity of “you” is well defined.  You can prove your identity simply, typically by showing your ID card or by having someone vouch for you. You are a being layered with attributes. Other people may request some of these attributes: your first name at Starbucks or your shoe size at the bowling alley. But only your most trusted contacts are granted access to your entire set of attributes… or maybe you never expose your identity entirely! >>

Andrey Loginov (1977 – 2016)

It is with great sadness that we learnt that Andrey, our ATLAS colleague, passed away. Andrey's passion for physics and commitment to ATLAS were only surpassed by his zest for life and his loyalty to his friends. >>

The Globe reopens its doors

After a year of work, the newly renovated Globe of Science and Innovation will open its doors again at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, 19 April. >>

CERN Relay Race 2016 | Thursday 19 May - 12h15

... >>

Official News

Taxation in France - Memorandum concerning the annual internal taxation certificate and the declaration of income for 2015  
Tax declaration: for the attention of members of the personnel and pensioners living in France  
Composition of the Joint Advisory Disciplinary Board (JADB) - 2016 Exercise  
Composition of the Joint Advisory Appeals Board (JAAB) - 2016 Exercise  


The CERN Accelerator School  
SaferNanoDesign Summer School | 13-18 June  
The 39th CERN School of Computing goes to Belgium: apply now!  
The Globe reopens its doors  
Registration Summer Camp 2016  
Travel to tropical areas: Zika virus disease  
CERN internal communication is evolving  
Closing of Route BLOCH  


CERN Relay Race 2016 | Thursday 19 May - 12h15  
Science Me! | 09-10 July | Geneva  
Developers@CERN Forum | Python at CERN | 30 – 31 May  

Staff Association

L'oreille à l'écho: Quelles ont été les raisons qui ont permis au CERN de devenir le meilleur centre de recherche fondamentale du monde?  
Competition: the answers  
Cine Club  
Exposition: Threasholds of matter  



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