CERN internal communication is evolving

CERN news will now be regularly updated on the CERN People page (see here). 



Dear readers,

All over the world, communication is becoming increasingly instantaneous, with news published in real time on websites and social networks. In order to keep pace with these changes, CERN's internal communication is evolving too. From now on, you will be informed of what’s happening at CERN more often via the “CERN people” page, which will frequently be updated with news. The Bulletin is following this trend too: twice a month, we will compile the most important articles published on the CERN site, with a brand-new layout. You will receive an e-mail every two weeks as soon as this new form of the Bulletin is available.

If you have interesting news or stories to share, tell us about them through the form at:​.

You can also find out about news from CERN in real time on social networks. Follow CERN’s accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Instagram.

The Editorial Content Development team