Federico Antinori elected as the new ALICE Spokesperson

On 8 April 2016 the ALICE Collaboration Board elected Federico Antinori from INFN Padova (Italy) as the new ALICE Spokesperson.


During his three-year mandate, starting in January 2017, he will lead a collaboration of more than 1500 people from 154 physics institutes across the globe.

Antinori has been a member of the collaboration ever since it was created and he has already held many senior leadership positions. Currently he is the experiment’s Physics Coordinator and as such he has the responsibility to overview the whole sector of physics analysis. During his mandate ALICE has produced many of its most prominent results. Before that he was the Coordinator of the Heavy Ion First Physics Task Force, charged with the analysis of the first Pb-Pb data samples. In 2007 and 2008 Federico served as ALICE Deputy Spokesperson. He was also the first ALICE Trigger Coordinator, having a central role in defining the experiment’s trigger menus from the first run in 2009 until the end of his mandate in 2011. He also played an important role in the commissioning of the experiment before the start of its operation.

Being entrusted by the Collaboration with its leadership makes Antinori feel honoured. “ALICE is a unique scientific instrument, built with years of dedication and labour of hundreds of colleagues. We have practically only begun to exploit its possibilities. As Spokesperson I can play a key role in making ALICE ever more efficient and successful and this is a truly exciting prospect for me.”

by Iva Raynova