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Dear members and potential new members,

The CERN club’s croquet season has started, the opening tournament took place at the beginning of May. We are extremely fortunate to have two magnificent wonderfully maintained lawns, the best on mainland Europe, on which to play.

The club, in addition to its internal competitions hosts Swiss Opens, Swiss International matches (Italy, Belgium, Germany, etc.), and various social events throughout the year. The CERN club members have their own clubhouse, and fully stocked bar, and all the necessary equipment at their disposal. For prospective new members we offer introductory lessons by way of initiation into this exciting sport which is both skilful and challenging yet uniquely enjoyable.

We have in our club players ranked in the top 100 in the World. The club is proud that one of our players currently holds the following titles: 

  • Swiss GC & AC National Champion
  • Swiss AC Open Champion
  • European GC Master
  • CERN AC Champion

Players/Members have the opportunity to travel all over the World participating in World, European Championships and International matches. Some sponsorship is available for these events.

10 excellent reasons to play croquet:

  • Challenging to the mind
  • It's a game of skill and strategy rather than brute strength
  • You can play at any level from purely social to highly competitive
  • Excellent exercise
  • Satisfaction of mastering a new skill
  • Flexibility - members play as often, as much, or as little as they wish
  • Opportunity to have fun with friends of like mind
  • Fresh air
  • Opportunity to travel - new faces - new places
  • Cost per annum is very reasonable


For additional information please consult the Swiss Croquet website

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