“VICO”, Visiting Colleagues

“Hello, I am your delegate” – have you heard this line? Maybe you have already had the pleasure of receiving a visit from a Staff Association delegate – then you know what this is all about. As for those of you, who have not yet heard these words, it’s time to get curious.

The Staff Association has decided to embark upon an adventure called “VICO”, Visiting Colleagues. From past experience, we have understood the value of personal, direct contact with the people we represent. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to knock on your office door and pay you a short visit.  We do not want to make you fill in yet another online questionnaire and would much rather collect your feedback in a short conversation face to face.

Of course, we have prepared ourselves thoroughly for these visit rounds, because we do not want to waste your time. We welcome criticism because it can make us aware of our shortcomings, tell us about how you perceive our work, and help us improve when needed. So, after friendly introducing ourselves into your office and taking a brief moment of your time, we will merely ask you a few questions. We are always eager to hear your opinions on different topics.

You will hear the “Hello, I am your delegate” from mid-March to mid-June, whenever your delegate has the chance to pass by your office. We know that realistically we will not succeed in visiting all of you. This should be even more of a reason for you to accept these short polite intrusions as a privilege to talk to your delegate in person: they are all yours for a few minutes, so please speak your mind.

We are looking forward to some enlightening field trips, as we come see you in your offices. We hope that these visits will enhance mutual understanding and help build stronger ties with you through sharing ideas and opinions.

But rest assured, these visits are not your only chance to meet us: if you happen to run into a delegate in the corridor, an understanding smile and even a coffee between colleagues would surely be welcome! We are all working together, so let us learn from each other.

by Staff Association