Open Day at EVE and School of CERN Staff Association: an opportunity for many parents to discover the structure.

On Saturday, 4 March 2017, the Children’s Day-Care Centre EVE and School of CERN Staff Association opened its doors to allow interested parents to visit the structure.

Staff Association - Carole Dargagnon presents the EVE and school during the open day.

This event was a great success and brought together many families.

The Open Day was held in two sessions (first session at 10 am and second at 11 am), each consisting in two parts:

  • a general presentation of the structure by the Headmistress Carole Dargagnon,
  • a tour of the installations with Marie-Luz Cavagna and Stéphanie Palluel, the administrative assistants.

The management team was delighted to offer parents the opportunity to participate in this pleasant event, where everyone could express themselves, ask questions and find answers in a friendly atmosphere.

by Staff Association