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Wednesday 21 June 2017 at 20:00
CERN Council Chamber

Soul Kitchen

Directed by Fatih Akin
Germany / France / Italy, 2009, 99 minutes

In Hamburg, Zinos has a restaurant serving poor-man's fare; he gets by, but his girlfriend has taken a job in Shanghai, he's hurt his back and can't cook, his feckless brother can be on daily parole from jail only if Zinos employs him (though his brother doesn't want to work), a school acquaintance wants to buy the restaurant property, and the tax authority and health inspector are on his case. Zinos hires a temperamental chef and loses all his customers, signs a power of attorney giving his brother full authority at the restaurant, and buys a ticket to Shanghai. Is this a recipe for disaster?

Original version German / Greek / Spanish / Turkish / English; English subtitles

Wednesday 28 June 2017 at 20:00
CERN Council Chamber

In July
(Im Juli)

Directed by Fatih Akin
Germany, 2000, 99 minutes

Daniel is a young teacher who, in contrast to everyone else, plans to stay in Hamburg for the summer. Juli, a girl at the flea-market, wants to get known to Daniel and manages to sell him a Mayan ring with a sun on it, foretelling him that he will meet a girl with a sun. One day later Daniel is already on his way across Europe. It seems the prophecy came true somehow.

Original version German / English / Turkish / Bulgarian / Serbo-Croatian / Romanian; English subtitles

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