Crèche and School of the Staff Association: a programme for children from 2 to 4 year old

Find out how children between the ages of two to four and their families can benefit from the Staff Association Crèche and School programme.

Classes for children aged between two and four years have been set-up to ensure the initial transition from home to school is as smooth as possible. Children attend mornings only and are welcomed by the same group of teaching staff throughout the week, allowing the children to establish a link between their home life and the crèche/school.

The challenge of these classes is to offer the children a happy environment where they can feel emotionally secure, and the teaching staff can create a harmonious atmosphere allowing them to learn by moving, manipulating, exchanging, making mistakes… playing. Creativity takes a central role as it enables the child to express him or herself and increase their ability to handle their emotions constructively.

According to Albert Einstein ‘Play is the highest form of research’.  

Building a sense of self-confidence is essential for a child’s development. High self-esteem will enable the child to develop a comfortable relationship with others, and at the same time, the child must learn to play and work cooperatively with others within the class.

The teaching staff are there to offer support to the children and to ensure that any conflicts are resolved through negotiation and compromise.

One of the strengths and particularities of this class is the fact that the children are multilingual. More often than not, the children are from non-francophone families and with the right support, they begin to assimilate the French language which steadily becomes an integral part of their environment. The younger members of the class will also develop their communication skills from non-verbal to speaking.

Taking responsibility, helping others and self-help are the key aspects of this class for pre-schoolers, which will give them the foundations required to understand the needs of others.

by Staff Association