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Crèche and School of the Staff Association: a programme for children from 2 to 4 year old

Find out how children between the ages of two to four and their families can benefit from the Staff Association Crèche and School programme. >>

What’s that you say? ‘Le Jardin des Particules’ (The Particle Garden)?

A few weeks ago, the Staff Association launched a competition to find a new name for the Staff Association Nursery and School, currently known under the acronym EVEE (‘Espace de Vie Enfantine et École’). The goal of the competition was to find a memorable, well-liked name, which also defines the professional, dynamic and playful identity of the establishment. >>

24 April 2018: Ordinary General Assembly of the Staff Association!

Conformément aux statuts de l’Association du personnel, une Assemblée générale ordinaire est organisée une fois par année (article IV. >>

CERN Relay Race 2018

The CERN running club, in collaboration with the Staff Association, is happy to announce the 2018 relay race edition. >>


En dehors des frontières >>

Un CERNOIS au sommet de la GTJ200 !!

Les 9 et 10 mars dernier a eu lieu la plus longue des courses de ski de fond au monde. C’est une épreuve qui cumule 200 km de ski de fond en empruntant les pistes de Giron (dans l’Ain) à Grand’Combe-Chateleu (dans le Doubs). >>


Le GAC organise des permanences avec entretiens individuels qui se tiennent le dernier mardi de chaque mois, sauf en juillet et décembre. >>


Cooperative open to international civil servants. We welcome you to discover the advantages and discounts negotiated with our suppliers either on our website or at our information office located at CERN, on the ground floor of bldg. 504, open Monday through Friday from 12.30 to 15.30. >>



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