CERN Croquet Club

The Croquet and Lawn Bowls Club is looking for new members. Why not try a new sport this summer? The season lasts from late April to early November.

Croquet is a game of skill, where accuracy and tactics are equally important.

It is good fun and Social Nights on Mondays, ending with a BBQ, are very popular. 

We have two lawns and a clubhouse on the Prévessin site, with bar and barbecue.  All playing equipment is provided. You would just need tennis-type flat-soled shoes.

We organise internal tournaments and our top players compete in European and World championships.

Coaching is offered on request in both the simpler Golf Croquet and the more tactical Association Croquet versions of the game.

Lawn bowls is also played, mainly on Wednesday mornings.

For further information please contact:

Croquet: Norman Eatough - or (+33) 04 50 41 21 87

Lawn bowls: Alan Silverman - or (+41) 022 788 26 52

by CERN Croquet Club