Questions about your employment and working conditions at CERN? Contact your nearest staff association representative!

One of the Staff Association's Infom-Action Commission’s responsibilities is facilitating direct communication between members of the personnnel and the Association.

With the aim of finding an efficient means to identify staff association representatives, the commission worked closely with the SMB department and using the GIS portal, set-up a platform for you to look up your representative and their physical location on the CERN Site.

How to find and contact your representatives?

Your delegates are located all over CERN, on the Meyrin and Prevessin sites. Today, by going to the SA website ( you can easily locate your nearest delegate.

In one click, various information is provided such as e-mail address, telephone  number as well as group and department. Additional information is also available by clicking on the "more information" option.

Feel free to meet them!

by Staff Association