Reducing waste in the workplace

Paper, cardboard, PET, aluminium cans, glass, Nespresso capsules, wood and worksite waste: in 2016, CERN produced no less than 5700 tonnes of waste, about 50% of which was recycled. How can we improve on this?

Many measures are already in place at CERN to limit waste and encourage recycling. Several articles have been published to raise awareness among users, Cernois and visitors on ways to limit our waste:

Did you know?

NOVAE restaurants offer a 10 cent discount at the cash register for people who use their own cups/mugs.

Focusing on the ubiquitous and well-loved coffee break, note how much waste can be generated, from the sugar packets to coffee pods, plastic cutlery and especially disposable plastic or paper cups. In the same way our shopping outings are accompanied by reusable shopping bags, why not bring your own mug or cup for your morning or afternoon coffee? Also  think about the packaging of the products you consume (coffee, sugar, biscuits...) favouring larger quantities as opposed to single items is often cheaper and especially a source of less waste.

The Staff Association encourages these initiatives and would like to hear your ideas, and environmental concerns. Feel free to contact us by email: staff or speak directly with your delegates.

by Staff Association