CERN Micro Club: Raspberry Pi Tutorial – Wednesday 25 July 2018

Come and discover the Raspberry Pi, an affordable minicomputer based on Linux and ARM processors, perfect for education, robotics, building a media center or a reprograming console, and perform home automation tasks.

The Raspberry Pi can be programmed in a variety of programming languages (Python, C++, Java, Node.js, Go etc.).

The CERN Micro Club offers free Raspberry Pi tutorials to teach you:

  • How to connect and configure your Raspberry Pi
  • How to prepare an operating system image
  • Which tools you can use to program your Raspberry Pi
  • The important things to know when assembling electronics with your Raspberry Pi
  • Which distributions and packages you could install for the project you have in mind

You also get the possibility to buy your own Raspberry Pi 3 with a 16 GB SD card at the CERN Micro Club at Raspberry Pi foundation price.

Please remember to bring:

  • Your laptop
  • Your own Raspberry PI if you already have one
  • A mobile phone microusb charger (5V min. 1000 mA)
  • An SD Card reader (if your laptop does not have one)


IMPORTANT: Attendance is limited to 20 persons

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For more information, contact the Micro Club:

022 / 767 7316 from 6pm to 8 pm

by Micro Club