Le Jardin des Particules

A Library in “Le Jardin des Particules” for "the little and the big ones"

One of this year's educational projects was the opening of our library for "Petits et Grands" within the structure of the crèche and school “Le Jardin des Particules”.

Why a library?

The library is an extraordinary place for all children; it allows them to open up to the world of books, to develop their imagination and reading.

It is a privileged living space for moments of history, relaxation and wonder for the little ones... then for the older ones, it is a place to discover the world of writing and figurative art.

In the library, we learn to observe, search, and share in peace and quiet. It is a very important place for the transmission of knowledge, cultures and also for autonomy and personal enrichment...

Opened since January 2019, this quiet and engaging space has already benefited all the children in the structure.

"Shared reading makes you happy" ISJM1

To also allow parents to discover our new library, we took the opportunity of "World Reading Aloud Day" to invite them to the inauguration and share moments of reading in the different spaces organized throughout the day, either under the book tree, or in the huts and tents in the garden, or in the library... of course!

Children, professionals and parents were able to travel and settle from one place to another, in a calm and friendly atmosphere.

It was a very beautiful day! To be done again!!!!!


[1] l’Institut suisse Jeunesse et Médias 

by Staff Association