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Le Jardin des Particules

A Library in “Le Jardin des Particules” for "the little and the big ones" >>


The Staff Association is pleased to invite you to a conference: >>


The club is looking for new members: Why not try a new sport this summer? The season lasts from April to early November. >>

Learning Classical Music Club

Le Learning Classical Music Club propose des cours d’instruments pour les enfants, adolescents et adultes : piano, violon, flûte traversière, flûte à bec, clavecin, harpe, violoncelle, guitare et clarinette. >>


Coopérative des fonctionnaires internationaux. Découvrez l'ensemble de nos avantages et remises auprès de nos fournisseurs sur notre site internet www. >>

Interview with the Director General on the situation of fellows

We have received many reactions through staff delegates that cuts have been made to the budget of fellows. >>



Seminars Today

Seminars of the week »

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