Back to school at ‘Le Jardin des Particules’: it's time for a new year!

After two months of summer holidays, nearly a hundred children, young and old, found their way back to the Crèche and School on the morning of Tuesday 27 August. An annual event that cannot be ignored and which brings each year its share of novelties.

Childcare facilities adapted to the needs of children and parents

 ‘Le Jardin des Particules’, a Crèche and School managed by the CERN Staff Association, welcomes children of CERN personnel in priority, aged between 4 months and 6 years. ‘Le Jardin des Particules’ offers a framework that promotes the development of each child's personality through education and teaching that respect his or her individuality within the group.

The Crèche welcomes children from 4 months to 4 years old during the whole day, or every morning in the 2-4 age group. Some places, especially in the morning-only group, are still available. Feel free to contact the Headmistress for further information:

The School welcomes children from 4 to 6 years old (1st primary and 2nd primary in Switzerland ) during the whole day.

Children are supervised by a team of professionals who have received training, meeting the standards set by the competent authorities in the Canton of Geneva, in the care of both young children and schoolchildren.

A reinforced management team at the crèche

As of this year, a deputy joins to reinforce the Crèche team. Roberta CAVIGLIASSO is the pedagogical deputy in charge of supporting and guiding the team according to the pedagogical program decided by the Headmistress. Roberta already has a lot of experience in the field of early childhood and will bring her knowledge and energy to the benefit of children and of her colleagues. We wish her a good first school year with us.

Travel around the world across countries and continents

This year, ‘Le Jardins des Particules’ has the project to raise children's awareness of different continents and to discover fabulous countries. Children will be able to discover the world around them through the different cultures, music, landscapes, animals etc.. but also the cuisine and way of life of the inhabitants. Various manual activities around this theme will be proposed. Our project for this year will allow them to open up to the world at large, to develop their imagination and curiosity.

Accompanied by the management team, the children will live full of adventures.

We wish the children and the management team a wonderful school Year!

by Staff Association