Your CERN Club DVDs & CDs is reborn!

Although its name is unchanged since the Club's foundation in 1965, the CERN RECORD CLUB, one of the 53 clubs of the CERN Staff Association, has evolved during the last few months towards an even more attractive DVDs and CDs lending library. Its collections count today 2700 DVDs and 3500 CDs. The first change you will have noticed is that new DVDs purchased by the Club are films or documentaries proposed and selected directly by the Club members through a vote conducted about every 6 weeks. The aim is that, as we get more members coming from more diverse cultural environments, our collection of films, offering always multi-lingual versions where available, gets richer in terms of styles. In addition the Club has put in place a "Recommended Movies" category, well appreciated by our members who want to share their opinion or are curious to discover something different.

Next change is that all DVDs and CDs are now freely available to all members who have paid their annual Club membership fee. You choose as many DVDs or CDs as you wish and have more than 10 days to watch them before returning them to the Club, as you can take them on a Monday and return them the following week up until Friday. For even more flexibility, not only have the Club opening hours been extended on Mondays and Friday's to be 12-13pm, but also the Club has the kind agreement with the CERN Central Library in building 52  that DVDs can be returned at their desk on any day of the week.

One thing that has not changed is the enthusiasm of the club staff to welcome you at the club desk on the ground floor of Restaurant 2 and help you choose movies (and music) that correspond to your taste, or the taste of your children!Your CERN Club DVDs & CDs is reborn!