Partial resumption of the CERN Club activities

Ever since CERN went into Safe Mode in March, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most CERN clubs, apart from those which have been able to continue online, have endured a hiatus of several weeks.

With the current relaxation of lockdown in the Host States, clubs have been champing at the bit to resume activities. At the most recent Enlarged Directorate (ED) meeting, a decision was taken to permit those CERN Clubs whose activities take place off the CERN site to resume their activities, so long as they commit to and are in compliance with the Host State regulations regarding COVID19. Prior to resuming their activities, all clubs concerned are invited to send a copy of the applicable health plan as well as the planned start date of their activities to the CERN Clubs Coordinating Committee. 

We are gradually ramping up presence on the CERN site, however those for whom Club activities take place within the CERN perimeter (Meyrin, Barracks, Prevessin) will need to exercise their patience for a few more weeks as 1st October has been suggested as a planned start date for Club activities which take place on the CERN Sites. Please bear in mind that this may change as the situation evolves.

On behalf of the CCC and CERN Clubs, I should like to thank the members of the ED and especially the Staff Association, and the Staff Association President for their support.

Rachel BRAY

President of the Clubs Coordinating Committee (CCC)

by Staff Association