The Staff Association is pleased to invite you to a conference:

"Educating children: what parents can learn from teachers' know-how"

Parenting does not require a degree, but some parents actively train themselves, more or less discreetly. Research shows in particular that the children of teachers do better than others at school, not because they are born geniuses, but because they grow up in contact with experts in pedagogy, who apply it full-time and know its bases. These education professionals also practice it in private life, skilfully by combining constraint and freedom, guidance and discovery, explanation and experimentation, all the 'right mixes' of teaching autonomy, which in turn validates their authority. In short, nothing obliges an amateur to imitate them, especially if they are opposed to the norms that the school claims to embody, but their well-understood interest may nevertheless push them to draw inspiration from them.

Let's start with this hypothesis: teachers' know-how does not have the answer to everything, but it may hide secrets whose unveiling could benefit the curious, and perhaps even the community. The conference will explore this hypothesis using a few examples drawn from family and school education practices, even and especially if the public debate tends to oppose them rather than make them dialogue.

Monday 13th of November at 12 pm

Presentation by UNIGE. Prof. Olivier Maulini

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by Staff Association