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2023 Elections of employee delegate. Become a member, get involved and vote!

What is the role of the staff delegate? The role of the staff delegate is essential because he or she will participate in the meetings of the Staff Council, whose mission includes determining the broad lines of the Association’s policy, supervising its implementation by the Executive Committee, electing the Executive Committee and convening an ordinary or extraordinary General Assembly.  He or she will also be the point of contact and link between the members of personnel and the Staff Association and will have to advise or guide his or her colleagues according to the issues they encounter. Being a staff delegate also means participating in the work of at least one of the internal committees of the Staff Association on specific topics (pension, social protection, conditions of employment, health and safety, legal issues, drafting articles or dealing with questions of information and training) and thus sharing ideas and proposals, but also being mandated by the Association to participate in the work of official bodies of the Organisation or various working groups.  But being a representative is first and foremost about serving and defending the personnel and being an active citizen of the Organization by contributing to the revision and writing of its laws (Operational & Administrative Circulars) and processes.  Becoming a delegate is also a personal and professional development Becoming a delegate is surely also an enrichment that finds its application in his other professional activities: - Discover other aspects of the Organization than those previously encountered; - Acquire new skills through new roles and activities profitable in all areas of its activities at CERN; and - Meet new colleagues.  Who can be a delegate? How to register for the next elections? All Employed members of personnel (MPE), fellows, graduates and Associated members of personnel (MPA), who are also members of the Staff Association, can sign up and apply from September 12 at 8.00 a.m. until October 13 at 5.00 p.m. You will then have three weeks, from October 23 to November 13, to choose your delegates. In order to participate in the election of your delegates, you must be a member of the Staff Association. If this is not yet the case, these elections give you the opportunity to become a member, especially since the membership for the 2023 calendar year is free of charge as from September 1st, 2023. Taking part in the elections of your delegates in the Staff Council means choosing from among the candidates the persons best able to represent you.  It also means participating in a democratic exercise within the Organization. Announcement of the results and implementation of the new Staff Council At the end of November, in early December, the Election Commission following the election process will officially announce the election results in the ECHO.  It is through this announcement that you will be able to identify your delegates in your college; they will always be available to you during their term of office. Become a member, get involved and vote! Join and vote, it is the least you can do for your Organization, for your fellow staff members. Get involved for your Organization, for your Electoral College colleagues, for CERN staff and, more generally, for the CERN community!  Become a delegate! >>

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