EXHIBITION of Astrid Jordi Dussert From 27/11 to 7/12

Born in Moutier (Switzerland) in 1970 into a large family (10 children), Astrid Jordi Dussert loved drawing from an early age, so much so that at school her teacher would hang her drawings on the corridor walls for the other pupils to see. In 1989 she left for Mexico, where she took private drawing and painting lessons. Once back in Switzerland, she continued to paint and her first exhibition took place in 1990 in Bienne.

Several exhibitions followed, and when Astrid Jordi Jordi went to San Francisco in 1995 to learn English, she also took evening drawing classes there.

Also in 1995, she moved to Paris and enrolled in a fine arts school, where she discovered several new painting techniques. Drawing every day allowed her to develop her sense of observation and sensitivity to colour even further.

Indeed, colour harmony is one of the artist's strong points, as her paintings exude poetry and dreams thanks to the softly applied touches of colour. The source of her inspiration comes from nature, which she respects and above all admires. She combines human beings and vegetation. Sometimes they become one in the artist's romantic paintings. Angels and elves accompany and guide her in her paintings...

The techniques used are mostly mixed media and acrylics. Astrid Jordi Dussert would like people who look at her paintings to be able to wander through an imaginary world flooded with sweetness and dreams ....

Peintures Astrid Jordi Dussert (sitew.ch)


by Staff Association