CERN Football Club

CERN Football team is a gathering of all nationalities who can put aside their differences to play a beautiful game. We play our home games in Meyrin and take part in the Cooperative league, which combines businesses and cooperations from all over Geneva and the surrounding areas.  

The CERN Football team has always been active dating back to when the Experiences were first founded.

We have had our ups and downs with unfortunately, a few years back with the team folding, which was sad to see after its great history, but with the spirit of some existing members they revived the club and brought it back to its historic calibre, having to start again in the 4th division and rebuild.  

This year we found ourselves back in the first division after being absent for some time and in June found ourselves playing Procter & Gamble for the 1st division trophy narrowly missing out on what would’ve been a brilliant achievement.  

Last Wednesday we faced them again in a bittersweet rematch for the Geneva Corporative Cup, which we triumphed and won the match 3-1 in over time. This was the CERN football teams first major trophy in 17 years!  

by Staff Association