The organisation of the Open Days at the end of September was the single biggest effort of the CMS Communications Group this year. We would like to thank all volunteers for their hard work to show our Point 5 facilities and explain science and technology to the general public. During two days more than 5,000 people visited the CMS detector underground and profited from the surface activities, which included an exhibition on CMS, a workshop on superconductivity, and an activity for our younger visitors involving wooden Kapla blocks. The Communications Group took advantage of the preparations to produce new CMS posters that can be reused at other venues. Event display images have been produced not just for this occasion but also for other exhibits, education purposes, publications etc. During the Open Days, Gilles Jobin, 2012 winner of CERN Collide@CERN prize, performed his Quantum show in Point 5, with the light installation of German artist Julius von Bismarck.

Image 3: CERN Open Days at CMS welcomed more than 5,000 visitors. Congratulations to CMS Volunteers  for making this possible.

During CERN Open Days the CMS shop sold almost 3,000 items; for the first time custom duties and VAT were due, but the sales went smoothly despite the late introduction of this change.

The Art@CMS programme started this year. It brings international artists to CMS with the goal of creating CMS- and HEP-inspired artwork. These will be further exposed in other venues, exporting our scientific work in places not usually accessible to us. Art@CMS has been featured in place such the City of London School in their Unseen Dimensions exhibition and the Deutsches Museum in Bonn, the Faszination Ursprung exhibition and the RWTH Aachen Art of Science, Beauty in Creation exhibition. Further artists exhibitions are also taking place on Thursday this week, next April and then during the Miami CMS Week in 2014.

The internal CMS Posters Contest was launched earlier this year. We received a small number of superb entries. Congratulations go to all participating institutes. We will keep records of all the posters for possible future use. Two winning posters are shown in the "pas perdu" during the CMS Week. They are also available online: The Story of CMS (by University of Napoli) and The CMS Detector and Sub-detectors (by University of Ghent). In addition, the contest enabled us to discover an outstanding idea for a game by the collaborators from the University of Bologna. The concept of the game is explained in the poster below, and all sub-detectors are requested to contribute in order to complete the project.

Image 4: Poster explaining the CMS game concept.

We hope the results will motivate more CMS institutes to participate in future contests.

by A. Petrilli