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In SM18 six magnets have been cold tested with good results. It has also been a good week for cyostating with five more magnets completed.

In sector 3-4 interconnection work and welding has started in the area damaged on 19 September last year. Interconnection work is also ongoing on the replacement magnet for the faulty dipole removed from sector 1-2.

Three separate teams are now working in the three sectors to install the new DN200 pressure release nozzles. In total 27 magnets have been completed so far, with 34 nozzles welded. A new study is also underway to include a similar pressure release system for both the stand-alone magnets (SAMs) and the triplet magnets.

All about Chamonix

At the public session of the LHCC (the LHC experiments committee) held Wednesday, 18 February Steve Myers, Director for Accelerators and Technology, reviewed the discussions on the LHC at the Chamonix workshop. He explained the scenarios being studied to implement the machine consolidation measures and resume operation. The schedule ultimately adopted foresees uninterrupted operations between the end of September 2009 and autumn 2010, with a short technical shutdown during the end-of-year holidays. Steve Myers explained that this scenario will make it possible to obtain more physics data sooner, even though the energy will be limited during this first period to 5 TeV per beam in order to ensure completely safe operation. He also discussed the consolidation measures.

A film of his presentation, and of the following one about electronics in particle physics, can be seen at:

A complete series of presentations on the Chamonix workshop was given on 24 February. The presentations covered all aspects of the LHC, in particular safety, the consolidation measures and preparations for the restart. To view the videos and presentation slides, go to:


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