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LHCb - Construction of the Upstream Tracker for the LHCb Upgrade

Creator(s): Ely, Scott Edward
Created: 2020
Number of pages: 1 p

The Upstream Tracker (UT) for the LHCb upgrade is currently being constructed. The UT, which sits just upstream of the dipole magnets, will enable a fast determination of track momentum so that slow tracks will not have to be subject to the downstream tracking. This will allow the fully software trigger to speed up by a factor of three. Modules consisting of a silicon sensor, hybrid flex circuit, and SALT ASIC are being fabricated at INFN Milano and at Syracuse University. After testing electronically for quality assurance, completed modules are then mounted on to supporting staves, also built at Syracuse. Finally, the fully populated staves are shipped to CERN to be installed in the experiment.

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