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Vertex reconstruction for proton-proton collisions in ALICE / Bruna, E (Yale U.) ; Dainese, A (INFN, Padua) ; Masera, M (INFN, Turin ; Turin U.) ; Prino, F (INFN, Turin ; Turin U.)
Reconstructing the interaction vertex is a challenging task in the low multiplicity environment of pp collisions at the LHC. The two innermost layers of the Inner Tracking System (ITS), made of pixels, allow to obtain a first estimate of the vertex position, which can be provided also in a quasi-online mode, since only the local reconstruction is used. [...]
ARDA-Note-2009-002; ALICE-INT-2009-018.- Geneva : CERN, 2009 - 37 p. Fulltext: PDF;
ALICE tracks charm energy loss in the QGP / Dainese, Andrea (INFN, Padua) ; Prino, Francesco (INFN, Turin) /on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
2012 - Published in : CERN Cour.: 52 (2012) , no. 5, pp. 15-17 External links: Fulltext; CERN Courier server
Alignment of the ALICE tracking detectors / Dainese, Andrea (INFN, Padua) /for the ALICE Collaboration
2009 - 9 p. - Published in : PoS VERTEX2009 (2009) 021 External link: Published version from PoS
In : 18th International Workshop on Vertex Detectors and related techniques, Veluwe, Netherlands, 13 - 18 Sep 2009, pp.021
Early physics with ALICE / Prino, F (INFN, Turin)
2011 - Published in : Nuovo Cimento C: 33 (2011) , no. 5, pp. 123-130
In : 24ème Rencontres de Physique de La Vallée d'Aoste, La Thuile, Italy, 28 Feb - 6 Mar 2010, pp.123-130
ALICE Silicon Drift Detector
Reference: Poster-2013-291
Keywords:  ALICE  ITS  Inner Tracking System  SDD  Silicon Drift Detector
Created: 2013. -1 p
Creator(s): Alessandro, B; Manzari, V; Prino, F

The Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) measures the spatial coordinates of the particles crossing it and can identify them.

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Charge collection in the Silicon Drift Detectors of the ALICE experiment / Alessandro, B (INFN, Turin) ; Bala, R (Turin U. ; INFN, Turin) ; Batigne, G (INFN, Turin) ; Beolé, S (Turin U. ; INFN, Turin) ; Biolcati, E (Turin U. ; INFN, Turin) ; Cerello, P (INFN, Turin) ; Coli, S (INFN, Turin) ; Corrales Morales, Y (Havana, InSTEC ; INFN, Turin) ; Crescio, E (INFN, Turin) ; De Remigis, P (INFN, Turin) et al.
A detailed study of charge collection efficiency has been performed on the Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) of the ALICE experiment. Three different methods to study the collected charge as a function of the drift time have been implemented. [...]
arXiv:1001.2276.- 2010 - 16 p. - Published in : JINST 5 (2010) P02008 IOP Open Access Article: PDF; External link: Preprint
Heavy-ion results from the LHC / Prino, Francesco (INFN, Turin)
A summary of the experimental results from Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC is given..
- 2012.
Charm and beauty production at LHC / Carrer, N (CERN) ; Dainese, A (Padua U. ; INFN, Padua )
ALICE-INT-2003-019; CERN-ALICE-INT-2003-019.- Geneva : CERN, 2003 - 25 p. Fulltext: PDF;
5th international conference on Hard and Electromagnetic probes of High Energy Nuclear Collisions - HP2012 Hard Probes 2012   27 May - 1 Jun 2012  - Cagliari, Italy  / Antinori, Federico (ed.); Arnaldi, Roberta (ed.); Dainese, Andrea (ed.); De Falco, Alessandro (ed.); Prino, Francesco (ed.); Scomparin, Enrico (ed.); Turrisi, Rosario (ed.); Usai, Gianluca (ed.)
2013 - Published in : Nucl. Phys. A 910-911 (2013) e-proceedings
Heavy-flavour spectra in high energy nucleus-nucleus collisions / Alberico, W M (Turin U. ; INFN, Turin) ; Beraudo, A (Turin U. ; INFN, Turin ; Enrico Fermi Ctr., Rome ; CERN) ; De Pace, A (INFN, Turin) ; Molinari, A (Turin U. ; INFN, Turin) ; Monteno, M (INFN, Turin) ; Nardi, M (INFN, Turin) ; Prino, F (INFN, Turin)
The propagation of the heavy quarks produced in relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions at RHIC and LHC is studied within the framework of Langevin dynamics in the background of an expanding deconfined medium described by ideal and viscous hydrodynamics. The transport coefficients entering into the relativistic Langevin equation are evaluated by matching the hard-thermal-loop result for soft collisions with a perturbative QCD calculation for hard scatterings. [...]
arXiv:1101.6008.- 2011 - 22 p. - Published in : Eur. Phys. J. C 71 (2011) 1666 External link: Preprint

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