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The new childcare initiative- The ATLAS Women's Network recently sent out a general mailing to all ATLAS and CMS members to announce a new initiative aimed at improving childcare facilities for Users coming to CERN. Several people have expressed the need that CERN should provide or facilitate affordable day care for children of temporary visitors at CERN [...] [ATL-ENEWS-2007-062]-
Some special moments from last month- Integration of the three shells into the ATLAS pixel barrel last month. Lowering of the first sector of the MDT Muon Big Wheel on side C in the ATLAS cavern in December 2006 [...] [ATL-ENEWS-2007-007]-
Pictures of the month- Dino De Paoli (top) and Franck Bais (bottom) from CERN and members of the ATLAS experimental area management team installing the TX1S monoblock shielding "nose" from inside the LHC tunnel. Steve Goldfarb and Connie Potter, both ATLAS members doubling as lead singers of the Canettes Blues Band in their spare time, during a concert at Mr Pickwick's Pub in Geneva on March 23rd [...] [ATL-ENEWS-2007-020]-
Best pictures of the month- The last sector of the Big Muon Wheels was brought to the cavern in the morning of September 20... .. [...] [ATL-ENEWS-2007-066]-
Photos of the month- View of the End Cap Calorimeter side A in the ATLAS cavern during the opening of the detector. View of the End Cap Calorimeter side A from within the center of the ATLAS detector [...] [ATL-ENEWS-2007-014]-
The ATLAS Electromagnetic Calorimeter Calibration Workshop- The ATLAS Electromagnetic Calorimeter Calibration Workshop took place at LAPP-Annecy from the 1st to the 3rd of October; 45 people attended the workshop. A detailed program was setup before the workshop [...] [ATL-ENEWS-2007-065]-
Suggestions for Christmas gifts.- Have you been working long hours lately? Stuck in meetings too long to make it in time before the shops close? No need to worry. The ATLAS secretariat has plenty of items that will make great Christmas gifts for friends and family [...] [ATL-ENEWS-2006-040]-
Soon at a theater near you...- While at CERN recently gathering images and input for his new movie based on Dan Brown's best-seller "Angels and Demons", director Ron Howard and his technical designer managed to fit in a visit to the ATLAS cavern accompanied by Rolf "Antimatter" Landua from CERN and members of the CERN Press Office. Both were very impressed with the ATLAS installations, with Ron Howard's parting words being...."Tom's going to love this"! So, all you cavern-dwellers.. [...] [ATL-ENEWS-2007-044]-
Photos of the month- Congratulations to Adele Rimoldi, ATLAS physicist from Pavia, who ran her first marathon in New York last month. Adele completed the 42.2 km in a time of 4:49:19 [...] [ATL-ENEWS-2006-041]-
Pictures of the month- Starting with this issue, we will publish special pictures illustrating the ongoing construction and commissioning efforts. If you wish to have a professionnal photographer immortalize your detector before it disappears in the heart of ATLAS or for a special event, don't hesitate to contact Claudia Marcelloni de Oliveira (16-3687) from the CERN photo service [...] [ATL-ENEWS-2006-032]-

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