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The latest from the LHC
Dernières nouvelles du LHC

Sector 6-7 has now been warmed up to room temperature and work is starting to open the interconnections between the faulty magnet and its neighbours. The magnet, which was found to have high internal splice resistance, will be removed and investigated [...]
BUL-BN-2009-006.- 06-03-2009

დეტალური ჩანაწერი - მსგავსი ჩანაწერები
In honour of Georges Charpak
Georges Charpak à l’honneur

<div style="text-align: left;"> <p>More than 40 years ago, Georges Charpak invented the multi-wire proportional chamber, which revolutionized the detection of particles and which found applications in medicine. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for this invention in 1992.</p><p> On March 9, there will be a conference here at CERN to celebrate Georges Charpak’s 85th birthday and to pay tribute to his groundbreaking work [...]
BUL-BN-2009-005.- 27-02-2009

დეტალური ჩანაწერი - მსგავსი ჩანაწერები
The Latest from the LHC
Dernières nouvelles du LHC

In SM18 six magnets have been cold tested with good results. It has also been a good week for cyostating with five more magnets completed [...]
BUL-BN-2009-004.- 27-02-2009

დეტალური ჩანაწერი - მსგავსი ჩანაწერები
The latest from the LHC
Dernières nouvelles du LHC

On the surface, a dipole has been fully fitted and tested with a new helium pressure-relief valve. Work will start this week to fit these new devices to the remaining magnets on the surface and by next week the campaign to install the relief valves in situ in the tunnel will start in the warmed-up sectors [...]
BUL-BN-2009-003.- 12-02-2009

დეტალური ჩანაწერი - მსგავსი ჩანაწერები
The latest from the LHC
Dernières nouvelles du LHC

Dipole MB2334, which was found to have an internal splice resistance of 100 nano-ohms and was removed from Sector 1-2 last week has now been opened. It has been confirmed that there was a lack of solder on the splice joint. [...]
BUL-BN-2009-002.- 30-01-2009

დეტალური ჩანაწერი - მსგავსი ჩანაწერები
The latest from the LHC
Dernières nouvelles du LHC
/ Mathew Stracy
As promised by the Director-General, we will start a series of regular updates detailing the status of the LHC repairs, consolidation and commissioning.As of last week all magnets in the damaged area of sector 3-4 have been removed and raised to the surface. In total 39 dipoles and 14 short straight sections are now on the surface [...]
BUL-BN-2009-001.- 16-01-2009

დეტალური ჩანაწერი - მსგავსი ჩანაწერები
News from the CERN Council
Nouvelles du Conseil du CERN

The CERN Council today thanked the Organization’s outgoing management, and welcomed in the new. Outgoing Director General Robert Aymar, looked back on his five years at the helm, while new Director General, Rolf Heuer, presented his vision for the future. [...]
BUL-BN-2008-019.- 12-12-2008

დეტალური ჩანაწერი - მსგავსი ჩანაწერები
Restart of the LHC in 2009
Redémarrage du LHC en 2009
/ Corinne Pralavorio
The restart of the LHC during the summer 2009 has been confirmed today, the 5 December. An updated report on the incident which damaged sector 3-4 has just been published [...]
BUL-BN-2008-018.- 05-12-08

დეტალური ჩანაწერი - მსგავსი ჩანაწერები
The beam has circulated 30 minutes in the LHC!
Le faisceau a circulé 30 minutes dans le LHC !

Last night around 2 a.m. the beam circulated for the first time for about 30 minutes in the clockwise ring of the LHC [...]
BUL-BN-2008-016.- 12/09/2008

დეტალური ჩანაწერი - მსგავსი ჩანაწერები
10 September: the LHC’s first circulating beam
10 septembre: circulation du premier faisceau dans le LHC

On 10 September, a first beam of protons will circulate in the LHC. The first moments in the life of the LHC will be an exciting time for the CERN staff, and will be captured by more than 250 media organizations from all over the world. [...]
BUL-BN-2008-015.- 05/09/2008

დეტალური ჩანაწერი - მსგავსი ჩანაწერები