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Measurement of VH(H→WW∗) process in ATLAS and development of radiation hard LGADATLAS 实验上 VH(H→WW∗) 过程的截面测量及抗辐照 LGAD 的研制 / Yang, Xiao
This doctoral thesis investigates two key topics in particle physics, addressing the fundamental unsolved questions of nature and the technical challenges of next generation collider experiments [...]
CERN-THESIS-2023-157 - 271 p.

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Search for Higgs boson pair production at the CMS experiment of the LHC and studies of a new trigger algorithm for the muon chambers in HL-LHC / Leon Holgado, Jaime
This thesis reports a search for double Higgs boson production at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) [...]
CERN-THESIS-2023-156 - 251 p.

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Dark matter searches in invisible Higgs boson decays with the CMS experiment: Analysing Higgs boson decays to invisible particles in ttH and VH final states and combining all final states using Run 1 and Run 2 CMS data / White, Robert Stephen
Dark matter (DM) is a well-known but as-of-yet unidentified phenomenon that con- stitutes more than a quarter of the universe [...]
CERN-THESIS-2023-155 - Bristol, United Kingdom : University of Bristol, 2023-06-22. - 192 p.

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Search for 2HDM neutral Higgs bosons through $\ell^{+}\ell^{-} b\bar{b}$ final states at CMS in run 2 LHC data. / Jaffel, Khawla
With the discovery of the Higgs boson, the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics can now be considered complete [...]
CERN-THESIS-2023-154 - 226 p.

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Accessing Quantum Entanglement in off-shell $H^{∗} \to ZZ$ with Separation of Polarisation States / Aulich, Siemen Henning
The Higgs boson is the only spin-0 elementary particle within the Standard Model [...]
CERN-THESIS-2023-153 II.Physik-UniGö-BSc-2023/05. - 81 p.

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B physics studies at the ATLAS experiment / Novotny, Lukas
This thesis focuses on the study of the $CP$ violation and $B$ meson lifetime properties [...]
CERN-THESIS-2023-152 - 242 p.

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Optimization of the ttH Selection Including Systematics Using Machine Learning with ATLAS Data / Yazykov, Vladyslav
This research is centered on the goal of accurately selecting events produced from the [...]
CERN-THESIS-2023-151 - 95 p.

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Building a website to promote the CERN Academic Training lectures / Török, Franciska-Leonóra
CERN's Academic Training Lecture series include recordings and/or downloadable files of material allowing CERN users or interested parties to follow up these lectures through an online platform [...]
CERN-THESIS-2023-150 - Campus Horsens : VIA University College - UUID: c0648078-818b-40db-98f3-066b0ef38a2a, 2023-05-31. - 68 p.

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Production of strangeness in partonic interactions at the LHC / Matonoha, Oliver
The strong interaction is responsible for nearly all observable baryonic matter in the Universe [...]
CERN-THESIS-2023-149 - Lund : Lund University, 2023-05-22. - 200 p.

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Study of a Phase Locked Loop based Clock and Data Recovery Circuit for 2.5 Gbps data-rate / Marinaci, Stefano
Phase Locked Loop (PLL)-based Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) circuits play a big role in communication systems for High-Energy Physics (HEP) since are used to generate a high-quality clock signal that maintains synchronicity between the electronic systems [...]
CERN-THESIS-2023-147 - 70 p.

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