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Precision matching of microscopic physics to the Standard Model Effective Field Theory (SMEFT) / Greljo, Admir (Universitaet Bern (CH)) ; Dawson, Sally (Department of Physics, Brookhaven National Laboratory (US)) ; Lohwasser, Kristin (University of Sheffield (GB)) ; Aebischer, Jason (Universität Zürich (CH)) ; Das Bakshi, Supratim (Universidad de Granada (ES)) ; Carmona, Adrían (Universidad de Granada (ES)) ; Chakrabortty, Joydeep (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IN)) ; Cohen, Timothy (University of Oregon (US)) ; Criado, Juan Carlos (Durham University (UK)) ; Fuentes-Martín, Javier (Universidad de Granada (ES)) et al.
This note gives an overview of the tools for the precision matching of ultraviolet theories to the Standard Model effective field theory (SMEFT) at the tree level and one loop. Several semi- and fully automated codes are presented, as well as some supplementary codes for the basis conversion and the subsequent running and matching at low energies. [...]
arXiv:2212.02905; CERN-LHCEFTWG-2022-002; CERN-LPCC-2022-07.- Geneva : CERN, 2022 - 23 p. Fulltext: CERN-LHCEFTWG-2022-002 - PDF; 2212.02905 - PDF;

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Towards a combination of LHC and TeVatron W-boson mass measurements
In this note methodological and modelling considerations towards a combination of the ATLAS, CDF and D0 measurements of the 𝑊-boson mass are discussed. As they were performed at different moments in time, each measurement employed different assumptions for the modelling of 𝑊-boson production and decay, as well as different fits of the parton distribution functions of the proton (PDFs). [...]
CERN-LPCC-2022-06; FERMILAB-TM-2779-V.- 2022 - 48 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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Combination of inclusive top-quark pair production cross-section measurements using ATLAS and CMS data at $\sqrt{s}= 7$ and 8 TeV / ATLAS Collaboration
A combination of measurements of the inclusive top-quark pair production cross-section performed by ATLAS and CMS in proton-proton collisions at centre-of-mass energies of 7 and 8 TeV at the LHC is presented. The cross-sections are obtained using top-quark pair decays with an opposite-charge electron-muon pair in the final state and with data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of about 5 fb$^{-1}$ at $\sqrt{s}=7$ TeV and about 20 fb$^{-1}$ at $\sqrt{s}=8$ TeV for each experiment. [...]
arXiv:2205.13830; CERN-EP-2021-222; CMS-TOP-18-014; CERN-LPCC-2022-03.- 2023-07-27 - 59 p. - Published in : JHEP 2307 (2023) 213 Fulltext: 2205.13830 - PDF; Wrapper_ATLAS - PDF; Fulltext from Publisher: PDF; External link: Previous draft version

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LHC EFT WG Report: Experimental Measurements and Observables / Castro, Nuno (LIP - Laboratorio de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas (PT)) ; Cranmer, Kyle Stuart (New York University (US)) ; Gritsan, Andrei (Johns Hopkins University (US)) ; Howarth, James William (University of Glasgow (GB)) ; Magni, Giacomo (Nikhef) ; Mimasu, Ken (King's College London) ; Rojo Chacon, Juan (CERN) ; Roskes, Jeffrey (Johns Hopkins University (US)) ; Vryonidou, Eleni (University of Manchester (GB)) ; You, Tiann-Tevong (CERN)
The LHC effective field theory working group gathers members of the LHC experiments and the theory community to provide a framework for the interpretation of LHC data in the context of EFT. In this note we discuss experimental observables and corresponding measurements in analysis of the Higgs, top, and electroweak data at the LHC [...]
arXiv:2211.08353; CERN-LHCEFTWG-2022-001; CERN-LPCC-2022-05.- Geneva : CERN, 2022 - 55 p. 53 pages, 17 figures: PDF; Fulltext: PDF;

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Truncation, validity, uncertainties / Brivio, Ilaria (Heidelberg U. ; Zurich U.) ; Dawson, Sally (Brookhaven) ; de Blas, Jorge (CAFPE, Granada ; Granada U., Theor. Phys. Astrophys. ; CERN) ; Durieux, Gauthier (CERN) ; Petrucciani, Giovanni (CERN) ; Savard, Pierre (Toronto U.) ; Berger, Nicolas (Annecy, LAPP) ; Contino, Roberto (Rome U.) ; Degrande, Céline (Louvain U., CP3) ; Falkowski, Adam (IJCLab, Orsay) et al.
The truncation of the standard-model effective field theory, its validity and the associated uncertainties have been discussed in meetings of the LHC EFT WG. Proposals were made by participants to address these issues. [...]
CERN-LHCEFTWG-2021-002; CERN-LPCC-2022-01; arXiv:2201.04974.- 21 - 8 p. Fulltext: PDF; v2 draft: PDF;

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Electroweak input parameters / Brivio, Ilaria (Heidelberg U.) ; Dawson, Sally (Brookhaven) ; De Blas Mateo, Jorge (Universidad de Granada (ES)) ; Durieux, Gauthier (CERN) ; Savard, Pierre (University of Toronto (CA)) ; Denner, Ansgar (Julius Max. Universitaet Wuerzburg (DE)) ; Freitas, Ayres (Pittsbugh U.) ; Hays, Chris (University of Oxford (GB)) ; Pecjack, Ben (Durham U., IPPP) ; Vicini, Alessandro (Università degli Studi e INFN Milano (IT))
Different sets of electroweak input parameters are discussed for SMEFT predictions at the LHC. [...]
arXiv:2111.12515 ; CERN-LPCC-2021-002 ; CERN-LHCEFTWG-2021-001.
- 2021. - 7 p.
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Review of opportunities for new long-lived particle triggers in Run 3 of the Large Hadron Collider / Alimena, Juliette (ed.) (CERN) ; Beacham, James (ed.) (Duke U. (main)) ; Blekman, Freya (ed.) (DESY) ; Vidal, Adrián Casais (ed.) (Santiago de Compostela U., IGFAE) ; Vidal, Xabier Cid (ed.) (Santiago de Compostela U., IGFAE) ; Citron, Matthew (ed.) (UC, Santa Barbara (main)) ; Curtin, David (ed.) (U. Toronto (main)) ; De Roeck, Albert (ed.) (CERN) ; Desai, Nishita (ed.) (Tata Inst.) ; Di Petrillo, Karri Folan (ed.) (Fermilab) et al.
Long-lived particles (LLPs) are highly motivated signals of physics Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) with great discovery potential and unique experimental challenges. [...]
arXiv:2110.14675 ; CERN-LPCC-2021-01.
- 43 p.
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Challenges in Monte Carlo event generator software for High-Luminosity LHC / HSF Physics Event Generator WG Collaboration
We review the main software and computing challenges for the Monte Carlo physics event generators used by the LHC experiments, in view of the High-Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) physics programme. This paper has been prepared by the HEP Software Foundation (HSF) Physics Event Generator Working Group as an input to the LHCC review of HL-LHC computing, which has started in May 2020..
arXiv:2004.13687; CERN-LPCC-2020-002; FERMILAB-PUB-20-183-SCD-T; MCNET-20-15.- 2021-05-22 - 19 p. - Published in : Comput. Softw. Big Sci. 5 (2021) 12 Fulltext: 2004.13687 - PDF; fermilab-pub-20-183-scd-t - PDF; Fulltext from Publisher: PDF; External link: Fermilab Library Server (fulltext available)

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Reinterpretation of LHC Results for New Physics: Status and Recommendations after Run 2 / Abdallah, Waleed (Harish-Chandra Res. Inst. ; Cairo U.) ; AbdusSalam, Shehu (Shahid Beheshti U.) ; Ahmadov, Azar (Baku State U.) ; Ahriche, Amine (ICTP, Trieste ; Algiers, Ecole Normale Superieure) ; Alguero, Gaël (LPSC, Grenoble) ; Allanach, Benjamin C. (Unlisted ; Cambridge U., DAMTP) ; Araz, Jack Y. (Concordia U., Montreal) ; Arbey, Alexandre (IP2I, Lyon ; CERN) ; Arina, Chiara (Louvain U., CP3) ; Athron, Peter (Monash U.) et al. /LHC Reinterpretation Forum
We report on the status of efforts to improve the reinterpretation of searches and measurements at the LHC in terms of models for new physics, in the context of the LHC Reinterpretation Forum. We detail current experimental offerings in direct searches for new particles, measurements, technical implementations and Open Data, and provide a set of recommendations for further improving the presentation of LHC results in order to better enable reinterpretation in the future. [...]
arXiv:2003.07868; CERN-LPCC-2020-001; FERMILAB-FN-1098-CMS-T; Imperial/HEP/2020/RIF/01.- 2020-08-21 - 58 p. - Published in : SciPost Phys. 9 (2020) 022 Fulltext: 2003.07868 - PDF; fermilab-fn-1098-cms-t - PDF; Fulltext from Publisher: PDF; External link: Fermilab Library Server (fulltext available)

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Proposal for the validation of Monte Carlo implementations of the standard model effective field theory / Durieux, Gauthier (ed.) (Technion) ; Brivio, Ilaria (ed.) (Bohr Inst. ; Heidelberg U.) ; Maltoni, Fabio (Louvain U., CP3 ; INFN, Bologna ; U. Bologna, DIFA) ; Trott, Michael (Bohr Inst.) ; Alioli, Simone (INFN, Milan Bicocca ; Milan Bicocca U.) ; Buckley, Andy (Glasgow U.) ; Chiesa, Mauro (Wurzburg U.) ; de Blas, Jorge (U. Padua, Dept. Phys. Astron. ; INFN, Padua) ; Dedes, Athanasios (Ioannina U.) ; Degrande, Céline (Louvain U., CP3) et al.
We propose a procedure to cross-validate Monte Carlo implementations of the standard model effective field theory. [...]
arXiv:1906.12310 ; CERN-LPCC-2019-02.
- 2019. - 10 p.

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