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Limiter par collection:
Directors of Administration (849)
Rudolf Frans Heyn (Archives) (441)
Directors of Research (Archives) (803)
Giorgio Brianti (Archives) (88)
Mervyn G.N. Hine (Archives) (185)
Robert Lévy-Mandel (Archives) (1)
Günther Plass (Archives)  (78)
Günther Ullman (Archives)  (216)
Juan-Antonio Rubio, Spanish relations files (28)
Legal Service (Archives) (1,569)
CERN Utility Study and Second CERN Utility Study, CUS and SCUS (Archives) (18)
Strategic Planning Unit (Archives) (54)
Relations with Member and Non-Member States (Archives) (120)
VIP Office (Archives) (14)
Maximilian Metzger (Archives) (266)
Kjell Johnsen (Archives) (149)
Jos Engelen (Archives) (67)
Horst Wenninger (Archives) (67)
Hans Hoffmann (Archives) (102)
Juergen May (Archives) (18)
André John Naudi (Archives) (135)
Lucien Montanet, Russian relations files (50)
Maurice Jacob (Archives) (63)
Roy Billinge (Archives) (14)
Kurt Hübner (Archives) (14)
Karl-Heinz Kissler (Archives) (5)
Manfred Buhler-Broglin (Archives) (17)
Internal Audit (Private Archives) (18) [restreint]