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EN Newsletter Issue #2 - 21 June 2021 / Jensen, Lars (CERN)
Inside this issue: Page 1: Editorial - Lars Jensen, DAO corner – Rachelle Decreuse-Michaud, Safety risk analysis - EN Safety office, Analyse des risques - Service Sécurité EN, Scheduling Tools Project – Julie Coupard and Antoine Ansel, Pollution Dispersion Simulations with ANSYS Fluent in the CFD Team – Uwe Kauflin , Optical fibre sensing technology - Diego Di Francesca and Daniel Ricci, Infor EAM: Asset & Maintenance Management Platform at CERN – David Widegren, Additive Manufacturing, let your imagination take over! - Gilles Favre and Romain Gérard
- 2968. - 11 p.
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EN Newsletter Issue #1 - 01 April 2021 / Jensen, Lars (CERN)
Inside this issue: Editorial - Lars Jensen, Message from the EN department head - Katy Foraz, News from the DAO - Rachelle Decreuse-Michaud, Aimants pour le projet FAIR – Julien Fermanel, Panoramas – Thomas Birtwistle, AdAMS mobile – Pedro Martel, Juha Pekka Tauriainen and Miguel Ventura
- 2021. - 8 p.
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Αναλυτική εγγραφή - Παρόμοιες εγγραφές