CERN Accelerating science

The Research Board receives the recommendations from all the CERN Experimental Committees, and takes decisions on them. Once approved, the proposals become part of the CERN experimental programme. The Research Board also decides on the accelerator schedules and requests for "Recognized Experiments" at CERN.
The library holds an online collection of most of these documents.

CERN Experiments Committees

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RB - Research Board (481)
INTC - ISOLDE and Neutron Time-of-flight Committee (1,332)
LHCC - Large Hadron Collider Experiments Committee (1,098)
SPSC - Super Proton Synchrotron & Proton Synchrotron Experiments Committee (1,032)
LHCRRB - LHC Resource Review Board (2,723)
CERN Experiments Committees Procedures (15)
DRDC - Detector R&D Committee (14)