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The non-first-order-factorizable contributions to the three-loop single-mass operator matrix elements <math altimg="si1.svg"><msubsup><mrow><mi>A</mi></mrow><mrow><mi>Q</mi><mi>g</mi></mrow><mrow><mo stretchy="false">(</mo><mn>3</mn><mo stretchy="false">)</mo></mrow></msubsup></math> and <math altimg="si2.svg"><mi mathvariant="normal">Δ</mi><msubsup><mrow><mi>A</mi></mrow><mrow><mi>Q</mi><mi>g</mi></mrow><mrow><mo stretchy="false">(</mo><mn>3</mn><mo stretchy="false">)</mo></mrow></msubsup></math> / Ablinger, J. (Linz U. ; Linz U., RISC ; OAW, Linz, RICAM) ; Behring, A. (CERN) ; Blümlein, J. (DESY, Zeuthen ; Dortmund U.) ; De Freitas, A. (Linz U. ; Linz U., RISC ; DESY, Zeuthen) ; von Manteuffel, A. (Regensburg U.) ; Schneider, C. (Linz U. ; Linz U., RISC) ; Schönwald, K. (Zurich U.)
The non-first-order-factorizable contributions (The terms 'first-order-factorizable contributions' and 'non-first-order-factorizable contributions' have been introduced and discussed in Refs. \cite{Behring:2023rlq,Ablinger:2023ahe}. [...]
arXiv:2403.00513; ZU-TH-13/24; DO-TH-23/15; RISC Report series 24-02; CERN-TH-2024-30; DESY-24-027.- 2024-05-13 - 8 p. Fulltext: 2403.00513 - PDF; Publication - PDF;

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QCD effects in electroweak $WZjj$ production at current and future hadron colliders / Jäger, Barbara (Tubingen U.) ; Karlberg, Alexander (CERN) ; Reinhardt, Simon (Tubingen U.)
We present an update of an existing implementation of $WZjj$ production via vector-boson scattering in the framework of the POWHEG BOX program. In particular, previously unavailable semi-leptonic and fully hadronic decay modes of the intermediate vector bosons are provided, and operators of dimension six in an effective-field theory approach to account for physics beyond the Standard Model in the electroweak sector are included. [...]
arXiv:2403.12192; CERN-TH-2024-036.- 2024-06-08 - 22 p. - Published in : Eur. Phys. J. C 84 (2024) 587 Fulltext: document - PDF; 2403.12192 - PDF;

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Conservative Black Hole Scattering at Fifth Post-Minkowskian and First Self-Force Order / Driesse, Mathias (Humboldt U., Berlin) ; Jakobsen, Gustav Uhre (Humboldt U., Berlin ; Potsdam, Max Planck Inst.) ; Mogull, Gustav (Humboldt U., Berlin ; Potsdam, Max Planck Inst.) ; Plefka, Jan (Humboldt U., Berlin) ; Benjamin Sauer (Humboldt U., Berlin) ; Usovitsch, Johann (CERN)
We compute the 5PM order contributions to the scattering angle and impulse of classical black hole scattering in the conservative sector at first self-force order (1SF) using the worldline quantum field theory formalism. This challenging four-loop computation required the use of advanced integration-by-parts and differential equation technology implemented on high-performance computing systems. [...]
arXiv:2403.07781; HU-EP-24/08-RTG; CERN-TH-2024-032.- 2024-06-13 - 12 p. - Published in : Phys. Rev. Lett. 132 (2024) 241402 Fulltext: PDF;

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NNLO QCD corrections to the q$^{2}$ spectrum of inclusive semileptonic B-meson decays / Fael, Matteo (CERN) ; Herren, Florian (Zurich U.)
We calculate the next-to-next-to-leading order QCD corrections to the leptonic invariant mass ($q^2$) spectrum of semileptonic $b \to c$ inclusive decays, taking into account the mass of the charm quark and the charged lepton in the final state. We obtain analytic results in terms of generalized polylogarithms and present numerical studies of the $\mathcal{O}(\alpha_s^2)$ corrections to the $q^2$ spectrum of $b \to c \ell \bar \nu_\ell$ decays, for $\ell =e, \mu$ and $\tau$, in the kinetic scheme. [...]
arXiv:2403.03976; CERN-TH-2024-025; ZU-TH 14/24.- 2024-05-24 - 19 p. - Published in : JHEP 2405 (2024) 287 Fulltext: document - PDF; 2403.03976 - PDF;

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Axion Star Explosions and the Reionization History of the Universe / Escudero, Miguel (CERN)
Cosmological structure formation simulations of ultralight axion-like dark matter have shown that an axion star forms at the center of every dark matter halo in the Universe. These axion stars would then form in large numbers during the dark ages, $z \lesssim 70$. [...]
arXiv:2402.06547; CERN-TH-2024-023.- 2024-03-01 - 11 p. - Published in : PoS COSMICWISPers (2024) 012 Fulltext: document - PDF; 2402.06547 - PDF;

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Collapsing Domain Wall Networks: Impact on Pulsar Timing Arrays and Primordial Black Holes / Ferreira, Ricardo Z. (Coimbra U.) ; Notari, Alessio (ICC, Barcelona U. ; GGI, Florence ; INFN, Florence) ; Pujolàs, Oriol (BIST, Barcelona) ; Rompineve, Fabrizio (ICC, Barcelona U. ; BIST, Barcelona ; CERN)
Unstable domain wall (DW) networks in the early universe are cosmologically viable and can emit a large amount of gravitational waves (GW) before annihilating. As such, they provide an interpretation for the recent signal reported by Pulsar Timing Array (PTA) collaborations. [...]
arXiv:2401.14331; CERN-TH-2024-020.- 2024-06-11 - 16 p. - Published in : JCAP 2406 (2024) 020 Fulltext: document - PDF; 2401.14331 - PDF;

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Short- vs. long-distance physics in $B\rightarrow K^{(*)} \ell ^+\ell ^-$: a data-driven analysis / Bordone, Marzia (CERN) ; isidori, Gino (Zurich U.) ; Mächler, Sandro (Zurich U.) ; Tinari, Arianna (Zurich U.)
We analyze data on $B\to K\mu^+\mu^-$ and $B\to K^*\mu^+\mu^-$ decays in the whole dilepton invariant mass spectrum with the aim of disentangling short- vs. long-distance contributions. [...]
arXiv:2401.18007; CERN-TH-2024-017.- 2024-05-31 - 13 p. - Published in : Eur. Phys. J. C 84 (2024) 547 Fulltext: 2401.18007 - PDF; document - PDF;

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Mixed NNLO QCD × electroweak corrections to single-Z production in pole approximation: differential distributions and forward-backward asymmetry / Dittmaier, Stefan (Freiburg U.) ; Huss, Alexander (CERN) ; Schwarz, Jan (Freiburg U.)
Radiative corrections in pole approximation, which are based on the leading contribution in a systematic expansion of amplitudes about resonance poles, naturally decompose into factorizable corrections attributed to the production or decay of the resonance and non-factorizable corrections induced by soft photon (or gluon) exchange between those subprocesses. In this paper we complete an earlier calculation of mixed QCD$\times$electroweak corrections of $\mathcal{O}(\alpha_s\alpha)$ to the neutral-current Drell-Yan cross section in pole approximation by including the previously neglected corrections that are solely related to the Z-boson production process. [...]
arXiv:2401.15682; FR-PHENO-2024-01; CERN-TH-2024-001.- 2024-05-14 - 42 p. - Published in : JHEP 2405 (2024) 170 Fulltext: document - PDF; 2401.15682 - PDF;

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Astrophysical Axion Bounds: The 2024 Edition / Caputo, Andrea ; Raffelt, Georg
We review the current status of astrophysical bounds on QCD axions, primarily based on the observational effects of nonstandard energy losses on stars, including black-hole superradiance. Over the past few years, many of the traditional arguments have been reexamined both theoretically and using modern data and new ideas have been put forth. [...]
arXiv:2401.13728; MPP-2024-13; CERN-TH-2024-013.- 2024-03-11 - 81 p. - Published in : 10.22323/1.454.0041 Fulltext: document - PDF; 2401.13728 - PDF;

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Geometry of the spectral parameter and renormalisation of integrable sigma-models / Lacroix, Sylvain (ETH, Zurich (main)) ; Wallberg, Anders (CERN ; Ecole Polytechnique, Lausanne ; Zurich, ETH)
In the past few years, the unifying frameworks of 4-dimensional Chern-Simons theory and affine Gaudin models have allowed for the systematic construction of a large family of integrable $\sigma$-models. These models depend on the data of a Riemann surface $C$ (here of genus 0 or 1) and of a meromorphic 1-form $\omega$ on $C$, which encodes the geometry of their spectral parameter and the analytic structure of their Lax connection. [...]
arXiv:2401.13741; CERN-TH-2024-008.- 2024-05-09 - 62 p. - Published in : JHEP 2405 (2024) 108 Fulltext: document - PDF; 2401.13741 - PDF;

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