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Asymptotic safety and the gauged SU(N) nonlinear sigma-model / Fabbrichesi, M ; Percacci, R ; Tonero, A ; Zanusso, O
We study the beta functions of the leading, two-derivative terms of the left-gauged SU(N) nonlinear sigma-model in d dimensions. [...]
- 2010.

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The quantum vacuum of the minimal SO(10) GUT / Bertolini, Stefano ; Di Luzio, Luca ; Malinsky, Michal
We reexamine the longstanding no-go excluding all potentially viable SO(10) -> SU(3)_c x SU(2)_L x U(1)_Y symmetry breaking patterns within the minimal renormalizable non-supersymmetric SO(10) GUT framework featuring the 45-dimensional adjoint representation in the Higgs sector. A simple symmetry argument indicates that quantum effects do change the vacuum structure of the model dramatically. [...]
arXiv:1010.0338.- 2010 - 5 p. - Published in : J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 259 (2011) 012098 External link: Preprint
In : 16th International Symposium on Particles, Strings and Cosmology, Valencia, Spain, 19 - 23 Jul 2010, pp.012098

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A Unified Theory of Matter Genesis: Asymmetric Freeze-In / Hall, Lawrence J ; March-Russell, John ; West, Stephen M
We propose a unified theory of dark matter (DM) genesis and baryogenesis. [...]
arXiv:1010.0245 ; OUTP-10-20P.
- 2010.

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Yukawa couplings and fermion mass structure in F-theory GUTs / Leontaris, G K (Ioannina U.) ; Ross, G G (CERN ; Oxford U., Theor. Phys.)
The calculation of Yukawa couplings in F-theory GUTs is developed. The method is applied to the top and bottom Yukawa couplings in an SU(5) model of fermion masses based on family symmetries coming from the SU(5)_\perp factor in the underlying E(8) theory. [...]
arXiv:1009.6000; OUTP-10-27P; CERN-PH-TH-2010-208.- 2011 - Published in : JHEP 02 (2011) 108 Springer Open Access article: PDF; External link: Preprint

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Bounds in 4D Conformal Field Theories with Global Symmetry / Rattazzi, Riccardo ; Rychkov, Slava ; Vichi, Alessandro
We explore the constraining power of OPE associativity in 4D Conformal Field Theory with a continuous global symmetry group. [...]
arXiv:1009.5985 ; LPTENS-10-39.
- 2010.

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On Moduli Stabilisation and de Sitter Vacua in MSSM Heterotic Orbifolds / Parameswaran, Susha L ; Ramos-Sanchez, Saul ; Zavala, Ivonne
We study the problem of moduli stabilisation in explicit heterotic orbifold compactifications, whose spectra contain the MSSM plus some vector-like exotics that can be decoupled. [...]
arXiv:1009.3931 ; DESY 10-148.
- 2010.

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Lifshitz solutions in supergravity and string theory / Gregory, Ruth ; Parameswaran, Susha L ; Tasinato, Gianmassimo ; Zavala, Ivonne
We derive Lifshitz configurations in string theory for general dynamical exponents z \geq 1. [...]
arXiv:1009.3445 ; DCPT-10-45.
- 2010.

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Strongly Scale-dependent Non-Gaussianity / Riotto, Antonio (INFN, Padua ; CERN) ; Sloth, Martin S (CERN)
We discuss models of primordial density perturbations where the non-Gaussianity is strongly scale-dependent. In particular, the non-Gaussianity may have a sharp cut-off and be very suppressed on large cosmological scales, but sizeable on small scales. [...]
arXiv:1009.3020; CERN-PH-TH-2010-206.- 2011 - Published in : Phys. Rev. D 83 (2011) 041301 APS Published version, local copy: PDF; External link: Preprint

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Central Charge Bounds in 4D Conformal Field Theory / Rattazzi, Riccardo ; Rychkov, Slava ; Vichi, Alessandro
We derive model-independent lower bounds on the stress tensor central charge C_T in terms of the operator content of a 4-dimensional Conformal Field Theory. [...]
arXiv:1009.2725 ; LPTENS-10-35.
- 2010.

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Note on a Differential-Geometrical Construction of Optimal Directions in Linearly-Constrained Systems / Ellis, John (CERN ; King's Coll. London) ; Lee, Jae Sik (NCTS, Hsinchu) ; Pilaftsis, Apostolos (Manchester U.)
This note presents an analytic construction of the optimal unit-norm direction hat(x) = x/|x| that maximizes or minimizes the objective linear expression, B . [...]
arXiv:1009.1151 ; CERN-PH-TH-2010-199 ; KCL-PH-TH-2010-19 ; MAN-HEP-2010-18 ; CERN-PH-TH-2010-199 ; KCL-PH-TH-2010-19 ; MAN-HEP-2010-18.
- 2010. - 7 p, 7 p.
Preprint - Full text

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