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Accessing CERN copyrighted material

About CERN copyrighted material on the CERN Document Server (CDS)

The CERN Document Server contains multimedia material under CERN copyright. You can freely download and use the high-resolution version of these files, provided you agree and respect the conditions of use.

How to access high-res CERN copyrighted material?

Click on the "high-res" link of a file.
The conditions of use are then displayed. You can agree or disagree to the conditions of use by clicking on the "Agree" or "Disagree" button. If you accept the conditions, the download will start.
Note that if a file is restricted and you are not logged in, you will be redirected to the CERN central login page. Follow the instructions on-screen to login (or request lost password, etc.).

Who can download high-res multimedia files?

Anybody (journalists, physicists, individuals, etc.) who agrees to the conditions of use. Note that for some usages (personal use for computer wallpaper, inclusion in slides, etc.) you might want to download a lower resolution of the file, which remains a good quality enough. The lower resolutions files remains under CERN copyright, and the same conditions of use apply.

What are the conditions of use?

The conditions of use can be found at There you can also find contact information to request more detailed information.

When I try to download, I get this message "Redirect Loop"

Your web browser if most probably configured to use a web proxy to connect to HTTP servers, but not for connecting to (secure) HTTPS servers.
To simplify, this makes you appear as two different users on our side, when you try to login, which we strictly forbid for security reasons on the CERN Document Server.

To solve this problem, you might want to either enable your browser proxy for both HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (port 443), or to disable it for both protocols.

When I try to download, I get a blank page

You are probably using a browser extension preventing the download to start. For example we have noticed in the past that extension "AdBlock" was preventing users from downloading files

To solve this problem, please temporarily disable any extension blocking the download.

Internet Explorer tells me that the website in encountering problems.

Internet Explorer cannot download files larger than 4 GB. Please use another browser to download large files.

How can I get a better resolution of a document?

The documents on the CERN Document Server are generally already the highest quality available.

What about low resolution multimedia files?

Low-res files are also protected by the CERN copyright, and subject to the same conditions of use as high resolutions files. Though you will not need to login to access them, you agree to the same conditions (including the CERN computing rules) by downloading this material.

Who can I contact in case of question or problem?

You can contact the following services: