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Thirty-sixth jewel 
in the CMS crown

The thirty-sixth and final crystal supermodule has been installed in the barrel of the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter. Watch the video. >>

CMS Centre at CERN

A new "CMS Centre" is being established on the CERN Meyrin site by the CMS collaboration. It will be a focal point for communications, where physicists will work together on data quality monitoring, detector calibration, offline analysis of physics events, and CMS computing operations. >>

Luciano Maiani and Jean Iliopoulos awarded the Dirac Medal

Luciano Maiani, when he was Director-General of CERN. Jean Iliopoulos in 1999. >>

Discovery Mondays "Controlling the accelerators: tracking the protons"

Le Centre de contrôle des accélérateurs du CERN.Like a train of particles that picks up speed every time it passes a set of points, by the time they collide the protons and ions in the LHC will have followed their path through the six stages of the CERN accelerator complex, picking up speed at each stage. >>

Jean-Marie Dufour 1937-2007

Picture taken by Rudiger Voss in the Legal Service LibraryJean-Marie Dufour, CERN Legal Advisor from 1974 until his retirement in 2001, passed away on 8 July. >>

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