Environmentally friendly AND cheap?

In the context of the initiative to make CERN a greener laboratory (see the Word from the DG in issue 20-21/2009 of the Bulletin), the Safety Commission’s General Safety Group has acquired CERN’s first electric bicycle.

Picture of a cyclist wearing personal protective equipment riding the new bike at CERN.

What with the Medical Service’s "Be active" health campaign, the emphasis placed on two-wheel safety this spring and the sheds for two-wheeled vehicles that are springing up all over the CERN site, it’s time to get on your bike… or one of the bikes available to the personnel, such as the DG/SCG’s new electric cycle.

On Tuesday, 21 July, Building 57 welcomed CERN’s first electric bicycle, and the message to the DG/SCG group is clear: "Use it rather than taking one of the CERN cars as often as you can".

With this new means of transport that’s easy on the environment (no direct gas emissions) as well as on the wallet (the only cost being the electricity needed to charge the battery), the Safety Commission has embarked on a policy of sustainable development.

This environmentally clean vehicle fits in particularly well at CERN, which is not only a centre of excellence and innovation at the cutting edge of technology but also a laboratory with an extensive surface area and two sites that many members of the personnel need to travel between on a daily basis, not to mention the need for repeated journeys of varying length throughout the day.

The new electric cycle has a maximum speed of 25 km/hour and a range of up to 50 km. Need we say more? No more excuses of the type "I don’t want to arrive at my meeting all hot and bothered" or "I’m tired"!

And let’s not forget the safety side in all this. The bike comes with a safety helmet and reflecting jacket, as well as puncture-resistant tyres. We are sure that this initiative will have a snowball effect and other groups will wish to follow suit.

Over to you!