New Management for CMS

As of January 2010, Guido Tonelli becomes the new CMS Spokesperson with a two-year term of office.

A Professor of General Physics at the University of Pisa, Italy, and a CERN Staff Member since January 2010, Tonelli had already been appointed as Deputy Spokesperson under the previous management. He has taken over from Jim Virdee, who was CMS Spokesperson from January 2007 to December 2009.

Guido Tonelli, new CMS spokesperson

At the same time as Tonelli becomes Spokesperson, two new Deputies, Albert De Roeck and Joe Incandela, as well as a whole new set of Coordinators, are also starting their terms of office.

”With the first data-taking run we have shown that CMS is an excellent experiment. The next challenge will be to transform CMS into a discovery machine with a view to making it synonymous with scientific excellence. This will be very tough but, again, the winning element will be the focus and coherent effort of the whole collaboration. On my side I'll do my best but I will need help from all of you”, said Tonelli in his New-Year message to the members of the CMS Collaboration.

For further information, please read the special issue of the CMSTimes.


by CERN Bulletin