CERN Technical training: available places in forthcoming courses

The following course sessions are scheduled in the framework of the 2010 CERN Technical Training Programme and places are still available. You can find the full updated Technical Training course programme in our web catalogue.

Software and system technologies
C++ Part 1 - Hands-On Introduction 17-Mar-10 19-Mar-10 3 days English
Developing secure software 22-Mar-10 22-Mar-10 0,5 day English
Emacs - way beyond Text Editing 26-Mar-10 26-Mar-10 1 day English
Introduction to Databases and Database Design 11-Mar-10 12-Mar-10 2 days English
ITIL Foundations (version 3) 12-APR-10 29-APR-10 3 days English
ITIL Foundations (version 3) EXAMINATION 25-Mar-10 25-Mar-10 1 hour English
JAVA 2 Enterprise Edition - Part 2: Enterprise JavaBeans 22-Mar-10 24-Mar-10 3 days English
JCOP - Finite State Machines in the JCOP Framework 9-Mar-10 11-Mar-10 3 days English
JCOP - Finite State Machines in the JCOP Framework 27-APR-10 29-APR-10 3 days English
JCOP - Joint PVSS-JCOP Framework 19-APR-10 23-APR-10 4,5 days English
Le Langage C (ANSI et C99) 12-APR-10 15-APR-10 4 days English
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML 23-Mar-10 25-Mar-10 3 days English
Oracle - Programming with PL/SQL 06-APR-10 08-APR-10 3 days English
Oracle - SQL 22-Mar-10 24-Mar-10 3 days English
Oracle Database SQL Tuning 17-Mar-10 19-Mar-10 3 days English
Oracle Databases: Advanced PL/SQL Programming 26-APR-10 28-APR-10 3 days English
Project Development using Python 26-APR-10 29-APR-10 4 days English
Python - Hands-on Introduction 29-Mar-10 31-Mar-10 3 days English

Mechanical design
ANSYS Workbench 29-Mar-10 01-APR-10 4 days French
AutoCAD 2010 - level 1 29-Mar-10 01-APR-10 4 days French
CATIA-Smarteam Base1 1-Mar-10 16-Mar-10 6 days French
SmarTeam - CATIA data manager at CERN 11-Mar-10 26-Mar-10 3 days French
Vacuum for accelerators, introductory course 15-Mar-10 19-Mar-10 2,5 days French

Office software
A hands-on overview of EVO 5-Mar-10 5-Mar-10 0,5 day English
ACCESS 2007 - Level 1 : ECDL 22-Mar-10 23-Mar-10 2 days French
CERN EDMS - Introduction 8-Mar-10 8-Mar-10 1 day English
CERN EDMS for Engineers 13-APR-10 13-APR-10 1 day English
CERN EDMS for Local Administrators 9-Mar-10 10-Mar-10 2 days English
Designing effective websites 16-Mar-10 17-Mar-10 2 days English
Dreamweaver CS3 - Niveau 1 26-APR-10 27-APR-10 2 days English
Egroups training 2-Mar-10 2-Mar-10 0,5 day English
EXCEL 2007 - Level 2: ECDL 18-Mar-10 19-Mar-10 2 days French
Focus on ...Excel 2-Mar-10 2-Mar-10 2 hours Bilingue
Focus on... Sharepoint Collaboration Workspace 1-Mar-10 1-Mar-10 3 hours Bilingue
Indico - Conference Organization 15-Mar-10 15-Mar-10 3 hours French
Indico - Meeting Organization 15-Mar-10 15-Mar-10 2 hours French
Office software individual coaching 1-Mar-10 1-Mar-10 1 hour Bilingue
Powerpoint 2007 - Level 2 8-Mar-10 8-Mar-10 1 day Bilingue
Secure e-mail and Web browsing 8-Mar-10 8-Mar-10 1,5 hour English
Sharepoint Collaboration Workspace 11-Mar-10 12-Mar-10 2 days French
Sharepoint Collaboration Workspace Advanced 15-Mar-10 15-Mar-10 0,5 day French
Sharepoint Designer (Frontpage) - Level 1 25-Mar-10 26-Mar-10 2 days French
Videoconferencing and collaborative tools 5-Mar-10 5-Mar-10 2 hours English
WORD 2007 - level 1 : ECDL 29-APR-10 30-APR-10 2 days French

Electronic Design
LabVIEW Basic I with RADE introduction / LabVIEW Core I with RADE introduction 15-Mar-10 17-Mar-10 3 days English
LabVIEW Basics 2 / LabVIEW Core II 18-Mar-10 19-Mar-10 2 days English
LabVIEW Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning Course 10-Mar-10 12-Mar-10 3 days French
LabVIEW Intermediaire 1/ LabVIEW Core III 19-APR-10 21-APR-10 3 days English
MATLAB - Fundamentals and Programming Techniques (ML01) 29-APR-10 30-APR-10 2 days English
Siemens - Simatic Net Network 12-APR-10 13-APR-10 2 days French

If you are interested in attending any of the above course sessions, please talk to your supervisor and/or your DTO, and apply electronically via EDH from the course description pages that can be found here under ‘Technical Training’ with the detailed course program. Registration for all courses is always open – sessions for the less-requested courses are organized on a demand-basis only. CERN Technical Training courses are open only to members of the CERN personnel (staff members and fellows; associates, students, users, project associates; apprentices: employees of CERN contractors, with some restrictions). In particular, quoted prices and programmes refer specifically to the CERN community.

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