New computer security campaign

A new campaign is taking shape to promote computer security. The slogan “SEC_RITY is not complete without U!” reminds users of the importance of their contribution. The campaign kicks off on 10 June with a public awareness day in the Council Chamber.


The new campaign, organised by CERN’s computer security team, will focus on prevention and involving the user. “This is an education and awareness-raising campaign for all users at CERN,” explains Stefan Lueders, in charge of computer security. “Every day, we register thousands of computer attacks against CERN: there are attempts to tamper with web pages, hack into user accounts, take over servers, and much more. A successful attack could mean confidential user information being divulged, services being interrupted or data being lost. It could even affect operations at CERN. Another factor is the damage that a successful attack could inflict on the Organization’s reputation. ”

This is why computer systems, user accounts and data require proper protection. And this has to be done without infringing on academic freedom at CERN, where people are free to choose their own hardware, operating system, applications, programming language etc. "This means that every single user is a participant in computer security, by virtue of the working methods he or she uses,” adds Stefan Lueders. “This is why we have set up the new campaign, with the major event on 10 June which we will use to inform and advise people at CERN about protecting their computers and data. "

Starting at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, 10 June, experts will share their experience in computer security with CERN users and suggest solutions. The event will take place in the Council Chamber but can also be followed by live webcast. “The presentations will cover past attacks targeting CERN, techniques used by hackers and other cybercriminals, safe web surfing, and how to protect your data and your servers,” notes Sebastian Lopienski, the computer security team member who is the event organiser. For those who are unable to participate in the event that day, a summary of the key security recommendations will be made available on the campaign's web site, in the form of video clips and games. Flyers will also be distributed by internal mail to all CERN users.

Stefan Lueders reminds us: “The IT Department and the computer security team are always ready to help users protect themselves. For example, the team is prepared, on request, to check out programs and assess risks. We also offer training and general user advice. The IT Department provides the users with all the tools they need to work in complete safety.”
To prevent unfortunate incidents and help preserve CERN's reputation, we invite everyone to take part in the forthcoming computer security campaign, especially the 10 June event. Remember, SEC_RITY is not complete without U!

by Alizée Dauvergne