CERN Book Fair 2010 - Events and book presentations

A series of events and book presentations is scheduled for the 2010 CERN Book Fair.


-Springer will present its new products and services (eBooks, MyCopy
Softcover Editions, SpringerBriefs, and a new physics journal: "Historical Perspectives on Contemporary Physics") and SpringerMaterials, the electronic version of the Landolt Boernstein
book series.

-Wiley will present two books: "A History of International Research Networking : The People who Made it Happen", edited by B. Bressan and H. Davies, and "Field computation for accelerator magnets : analytical and numerical methods for
electromagnetic design and optimization" by S. Russenschuck.

-Finally, World Scientific will present the series "Reviews of Accelerator Science and Technology (RAST)".

The calendar is available here:




by CERN Library