Cours d'anglais

New courses
University of Cambridge ESOL examination course

We will be starting two new courses in October leading to the Cambridge First Certificate in English (level B2 of the European Framework) and the Cambridge Advanced English (level C1) examinations.

These courses will consist of two semesters of 15 weeks with two two-hourly classes per week. There will be an average of eight students per class. Normally the examination will be taken in June 2011 but strong participants could take it earlier.

People wishing to take these courses should enrol:,X_STATUS:4133%2CD

and they will then be required to take a placement test to check that their level of English is of an appropriate level.

Please note that we need a minimum of seven students enrolled to open a session.

For further information please contact Tessa Osborne 72957.

Cours d’anglais général et professionnel

La prochaine session se déroulera:

du 4 octobre 2010 au 5 février 2011 (interruption de 2 semaines à Noël).

Ces cours s’adressent à toute personne travaillant au CERN ainsi qu’à leur conjoint.

Pour vous inscrire et voir tout le détail des cours proposés, consultez nos pages Web:

Vous pouvez aussi contacter Nathalie Dumeaux, tél. 78144.

Oral Expression

The next session will take place from 4th October 2010 to 5th February 2011 (2 weeks break at Christmas).

This course is intended for people with a good knowledge of English who want to enhance their speaking skills.

There will be on average of 8 participants in a class.

Speaking activities will include discussions, meeting simulations, role-plays etc. depending on the needs of the students.

Writing Professional Documents in English

The next session will take place from end of $eptember to end of January 2011 (2 weeks break at Christmas).

This course is designed for people with a good level of spoken English who wish to improve their writing skills.

Timetable will be fixed after discussion with the students.

For registration and further information on these courses, please consult our Web pages:

or contact Mrs Dumeaux: tel. 78144, or Tessa Osborne: tel. 72957.

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Cours d’anglais
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