Brand-new signage for the CERN shuttles

If, after reading the title of this article, you're striving to remember what the signs for the CERN shuttles look like, then you just hit the nail on the head: we bet that only a few people can actually do so. In order to make it easier for CERN users to move around the CERN sites, a graphic restyling of the shuttle signage has been implemented. You will start to see the new timetables in the coming days.


Larisa Kuchina, a graphic designer in the Communication Group, restyled the shuttle signage to make it more visible and intelligible. “I was inspired by the very clear and user friendly interface of the Geneva Public Transport system (TPG)”, explains Larisa. “Each timetable will also include the corresponding shuttle route. We will soon introduce new road signs for shuttle stops to make sure they are visible from a distance”.

There are currently four shuttle lines, serving 28,000 passengers since February 2010: two of them operate between Meyrin and Prévessin, one takes you from the Main Building (Building 500) to the airport and back, and one serves several sites of the LHC and the SPS experiments. The first three operate on week days, while the fourth transports shift workers around CERN even at the weekend.

New panels with clear information about routes and timetables will be placed in the Main Building and at each shuttle stop. “The service is free of charge to all CERN users. Passengers coming from the airport will be asked to show their access cards to be allowed into CERN. In case they haven't got a card, they’ll be dropped at Building 33 where they'll be able to complete all the entrance formalities”, Caroline Laignel and Véronique Marchal from the General Infrastructure Services Department explain.

A new website showing all the timetables and routes will be available within the next two weeks (until then, the old website will be available here). The new signage will be in place at the beginning of next year.

by Roberto Cantoni