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à Adlène Hicheur

Since October 8, 2009 our colleague Adlène Hicheur, a French-Algerian physicist working in LHCb has been arrested and then held in a French prison under suspicion of terrorism linked with AQMI. No material proof has been presented, only exchanges of messages on some forum sites suspected of Islamism have been mentioned.

Adlène has continuously denied any link with AQMI and lives in a Kafkaesque situation since 14 mois. His lawyer has several times asked for his release and these requests have been turned down. As Adlène’s colleagues, we have been chocked by his arrest and are deeply concerned by the prolongation of his detention for his future in particle physics, even if he will be recognized innocent.

Few Concerned-club members and colleagues have created an International committee to support Adlène in his defense presently having 65 members. We invite you to join us going to

The site contains published articles and actions undertaken or in progress with the judge, the lawyer and French authorities.

by Concerned for humanity club