Wondering what the future can do for you?

Today’s technological decision makers will explore the answer to this question at the Lift11 conference, to be held from 2-4 February in Geneva. CERN will be hosting a workshop at Lift11, and is offering one lucky person from CERN the opportunity to lead the workshop and 9 winners the chance to attend the conference.


Lift11 is an opportunity for technology "pioneers” - from entrepreneurs to researchers - to identify and anticipate uses of emerging technology. Now in their sixth year, the Lift events have become a must for technophiles worldwide, attracting 4,000 participants from 60 countries.

Alongside an official programme of talks, Lift11 will host workshops led by the participants. Each workshop is an opportunity to brainstorm with some of the most prominent researchers and innovators, explore new technological developments and discuss the social implications of technology. This year, CERN will lead its own workshop, focussing on the possibilities of basic research.

“The goal of the CERN workshop will be to find ideas for greater engagement between basic science and society as a whole - engaging publics more with the process of research, and ensuring that ideas coming from basic research have the best chance of leading to innovation,” says James Gillies, head of the Communication Group.

The Communication Group is looking for someone to lead the Lift11 workshop, and invites people at CERN to provide content for the event: What messages would you convey to innovators and developers? How would you trigger discussion about basic research? In short, how would you lead the workshop?

The group is awarding 10 tickets to Lift11 for the best suggestions. So, send in your ideas to Bulletin-editors@cern.ch for a chance to win!

by Katarina Anthony