From discussion to dismay

Dear colleagues,

We are not at the end of our troubles concerning the pension conditions offered by the Organization.

As is our wont, we had prepared an article explaining the details of our proposals, different from those of the Administration. Unfortunately, there is no longer time for explanations. The Director of Administration is now preparing to impose his proposals. Despite some improvements, they remain, for us, unjustified and unacceptable, and we shall demonstrate this.

The Staff Council cannot accept this way of doing things and we will denounce it. We now expect the Director-General to take position and play his role as representative of the Member States towards the personnel and EQUALLY as the representative of the personnel towards these same Member States. We shall come back to this.

So that things are clear, we invite you to attend one of the four public meetings listed below. Your opinion is important to us. We shall ask for your support in a referendum that will take place from Tuesday 10 May to Monday 16 May. Your participation is of prime importance since it is our pensions that we are talking about. As far as the conditions offered to our future colleagues are concerned, it is a question of those who will eventually take over from us.. It is the attractivity of the Organization which is at stake.

We hope to see you soon.

Lundi/Monday 09/05 - 14h00 Amphi. BE - Prévessin (864/1-D02)
Mardi/Tuesday 10/05 - 09h00 Filtration Plant - Meyrin (222/R-001)
Mercredi/Wednesday 11/05 - 09h00 Filtration Plant - Meyrin (222/R-001) (Anglais)
Jeudi/Thursday 12/05 - 09h00 Filtration Plant - Meyrin (222/R-001)

by Staff Association