Swiss and French cards - Reminder

Communication from the HR Department to members of personnel holding an employment or association contract, above 50% and for more than 3 months, with the Organization.

The HR Department would like to remind all members of the personnel concerned that they are obliged to:

  • hold a valid Swiss Légitimation card AND a valid French card (“Titre de séjour spécial” or “attestation de fonctions”) at all times during the exercise of their functions in the Organization;
  • return these documents as soon as their functions in the Organization cease.

Not following these rules could be prejudicial to the Organization and appropriate measures may be taken with respect to the member of the personnel concerned.

Information and procedures concerning Swiss and French cards (first application, renewal, theft/loss, etc.) are available in the Admin e-guide:

Users and Unpaid Associates must contact the Users Office:

Tel.: 72867 or 79494


by HR Department