Collide@CERN is looking for mentors

The Collide@CERN Artist-in-Residence Programme is currently seeking CERN scientists interested in engaging in thought-provoking and creative collaborations with visiting artists.



In early 2012, a Digital artist will take up a 2-month residency and a Dance and Performance artist a 3-month residency.  Each artist will be allocated a specially selected science inspiration partner to work with. Both the artists and their mentors will give a public lecture in the Globe of Science and Innovation at the beginning and end of the residencies. 

One scientist will be selected for each artist. Mentors and artists will be required to share knowledge by:


·      Meeting once a week throughout the residency

·      Conducting online communications (such as a blog).

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please send the following information by e-mail to Merce Monje Cano:

·      Name

·      Department/Experiment

·      Area of research

·      A brief explanation of why you are interested in becoming a mentor and what you expect to learn from the experience

·      Telephone/mobile number

·      E-mail

Mentors will be selected on the basis of mutual interest and compatibility with the artists.

  For more information please visit Arts@CERN.